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Berit Reaver is an experienced speaker and is used to giving lectures at conferences. She has been interviewed for TV, radio and magazines in a number of countries. As European Director for the Aura Mediator Courses™, Berit has been training Aura Mediators™ and Instructors, giving courses, lectures, and receiving clients for private consultations.

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AuraTransformation makes you even more yourself! Spirit and Body are joined together and function as one. This amplifies everything in your life, making you understand and therefore feel strongly what is good and not good for you and you will immediately have the power to do something about it.

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Qu’est ce que l’ AuraTransformation? 
Comment ce processus peut vous aider , comment se passent les séances, pourquoi ce traitement energetique est efficace et quelles sont les nouvelles energies?
Le webinar sera anime par Berit Reaver la directrice europeenne de AuraTransformation et Sue Jonas et traduit en direct.


With Hanna-Maaria Tuomela and Berit Reaver


After AuraTransformation. In English translated into Estonian by Rene Tamberg July 1st at 9am

“Tasakaalu säilitamine pärast AuraTransfrormatsiooni.”

We had an interesting webinar in the morning on the last day of our course about AuraTransformation and what to do after. Rene was translating into Estonian and he said some really interesting things about how he was advised himself after his Auratransformation.

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Director for the Aura Mediator Courses Berit Reaver and Instructor of the Aura Mediator Courses Therese Lindberg talks about AuraTransformation and the New Time energies.


Maybe you have heard about Crystal Energy, Crystal Children or Indigo Children. In this article, Berit Reaver, talks about the new energy that came to earth in 1987 that will change the way we humans act and behave.

It is the end of the struggle with Karma and the beginning of us creating our own destiny. Meditation will no longer be necessary, since all the answers we seek will appear to us quite naturally. The Crystal and Indigo Children are leading us into a new era.

Article in Norwegian by Merete Evertsen translated into English by Berit Reaver and adapted by Sue Jonas

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